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Industry Grade 98% Precipitated Barium Sulphate

Industry Grade 98% Precipitated Barium Sulphate Basic Info

Industry Grade 98% Precipitated Barium Sulphate Product Description

Industry Grade Salt Specifications:
Type I, 98.0 percent BaSO4 (high class), 97.0 percent BaSO4 (first class), 95.0 percent BaSO4 (qualified)
H.S.CODE: 28332700CAS NO.: 7727-43-7Molecular formula: BaSO4

Property: It's white powder.It has good stability and chemically inert,it can't be dissolved in water and organic solvent.It has good alkali and acid resistance,light fastness and weather resistant,mesopic hardness,high whiteness and good dispersibility.It can absorb harmful rays,such as x-ray and |?-ray,etc.It is a flame-retanrdant and electric-insulation.No magnetic property and poison.

Use: Finepowder Barium Sulphate is widely used in chemical industry,paint,plastics,rubber,glass,paper,medicine,ceramics,storage battery and other areas.

Packaging and transport: Double-layer plastic woven or compound plastic woven bag with polyethylene film lining, net wt 25kgs,50kgs,500kgs,1000kgs Avoid rain, moisture, and sunlight during transportation.
If you have special request to packing we can talk and do the packing according to your request.

CharacteristicType oneType
Barium sulfate content (BaSO4 dry)% ≥
105oC Volatile substance105 C% ≤0.300.300.500.28
Water soluble content% ≤0.300.300.500.20
Ferrum content (Fe)% ≤0.0040.006-0.004
Whiteness% ≥94928894
Oil absorptiong/100g15-3010-30--
pH value 6.5-9.05.5-9.55.5-9.56.5-9.0
Fineness (45μm residue on test sieve)% ≤0.20.2 0.1
Size distributionLess than 10μm% ≥80--90
Less than 5μm% ≥60--70
Less than 2μm% ≥25--50

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