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How To Detect Industrial Salts

1. For common chlorine ion detection methods, the first is silver volume method, using the Industrial salt sample solution with potassium chromate as indicator, using silver nitrate standard titration solution titration. The second is the automatic potentiometric titration, the sample solution with Silver nitrate standard titration solution titration, using automatic potentiometric titration to read the data. The two methods are only different in the instrumentation, and there is no difference in the main principle of the sample pretreatment and detection.

2. The detection of water insoluble matter is the difference between the details of the test process and that of the sample, the method of dissolving industrial salts and the desirability of the results.

3. Calcium and magnesium ions to determine the determination of calcium, magnesium and calcium and magnesium determination, the main method for the determination of calcium and magnesium content, only for the volumetric method for comparison. The main differences between the two standards are the sample quantity, the calcium indicator and the specific actual difference, and the detection principle uses EDTA complexing titration method.

4. The comparison of sulfate ion detection methods is mainly aimed at the detection of sulfate ions in industrial salts, and provides several methods of detection, respectively, Gravimetric method and volumetric method, EDTA complexing titration method, and barium sulfate gravimetric method, which is compared with gravimetric method. Both of the detection principle is to make the sulfate ion and barium ions into barium sulfate, weighing its quality.

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