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High Quality Ammonium Chloride 25.4%

High Quality Ammonium Chloride 25.4% Basic Info

High Quality Ammonium Chloride 25.4% Product Description

Hot Sale Ammonium Chloride 99.5% Purity For Industrial Use

Description of  Ammonium chloride
Colorless crystal or white crystal powder. Odorless, taste salty cool.
It dissolves in water easily, in glycerin and little solve in alcohol,not solve in
acetone and aether.
Name:Ammonium chloride 
Molecular formula: NH4CL
CAS NO.: 12125-02-9
Purity:99.5%MIN industry grade 
Specification of  Ammonium chloride 

NH4Cl %99.5min
Residue on ignition%0.4max
SO4 %0.02max
Heavy metal(Pb) %0.0005max
Fe %0.001max

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Package and loading informations
25/50kgs woven bags
23-25mts if no weight limited
We will send you shipping advice and loading pictures within 24hours after theloading is finished.

High Quality Ammonium Chloride 25.4% Storage
1) Store in a cool,dry and ventilated house away from moisture
2) Avoid handling or transporting together with acidic or alkaline substances
3) Prevent the material from rain and insolation
4) Load and unload carefully and protect from package damage
5) In the event of a fire,use water,soil or carbon dioxide fire extinguishing media
High Quality Ammonium Chloride 25.4% Payment
T/T 100% prepaid for FOB
T/T 30% prepaid, 70% aganist the copy of B/L for CFR
L/C at sight
DP at sight
Deferred payment depends on your reputation, we will check it from Sinosure.
Why choose us?
Firstly, we have a stable cooperation with the top 3 factories from China, 
and focus on the market change every week, 
we can always supply cargo for you with good quality at lower price.
Second, after confirming order, we can delivery the cargo within 15days and our ocean cost is lower than the market price.
Finally, whatever payment you want? we can make it possible after 2-3 orders, we can make everything flexible for you.

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