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Feed Grade Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 34.5% Powder

Feed Grade Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 34.5% Powder Basic Info

Feed Grade Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 34.5% Powder Product Description

Zinc sulfate is mainly used in the production of man-made fibril concretion, and also used as 
intermediary dyed reagent in the dying field. Besides, it works as fertilizer and animal feed. Zinc 
Sulfate functions as activator in the medicine industry. The food grade product can be used as 
nutritious supplement, etc. Zinc sulfate is a significant material of zinc compound,dye,lithopone, 
in_zinc activator, electrolysed zinc, electroplated zinc, and also mucilage glue fibre. In addition, it functions as preserving material of wood and leather.

Technical data sheet for zinc sulphate:

Zinc sulfate monohydratePowder
As≤ 0.0005
Pb≤ 0.001
Cd≤ 0.001

Usage of zinc sulphate:
Zinc sulfate monohydrate is mainly used as raw material for the production of lithopone and zincsalts. It is also used in synthetic fiber industry, zpt, zinc plating , pesticides, flotation, fungicide and water purification. In agriculture, it is mainly used in feed additive and trace element fertilize, etc
We provide zinc sulfate monohydrate of industrial grade,feed grade, electron grade and fertilizer grade zinc sulfate monohydrate.

Feed Grade Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 34.5% Powder Package & delivery of zinc sulphate:
Packed in 25/50/1000kg/ plastic woven bag

Storage of zinc sulphate:
1. Store in original container tightly closed and in a locked, dry, cool area away from foodstuffs, fertilizer and see.
2. This product is subject to signage and secondary containment when stored in quantities of 100kg or more, either alone or in aggregate with substances of the same hazard classification.

Our service:
1. All inquiries will be replied within 12 hours.
2. Dedication to quality, supply & service.
3. Strictly on selecting raw materials.
4. Sample is available for your evaluation & formulation development.
5.Faster delivery.

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