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environmental Snow Melting Agent, White Flake Magnesium Chloride

environmental Snow Melting Agent, White Flake Magnesium Chloride Basic Info

Product Description

 Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate industrial Grade is used in the building industry as a raw material
to producting  floor tile and so on.Weifang bochuang offers different grades' sodium sulphate, all meeting highest
quality standards.

CAS No:7791-18-6
H.S.CODE:    2827310000

1.environmental Snow Melting Agent, White Flake Magnesium Chloride Chemical Analysis:

          ANALYSIS ITEMS                           AR                    CP
             Assay  (MgCl2)  /%                       >46%                   >46%
   Alkali metal chloride(Cl - )                      <1.2%                  <1.3%
             Water insoluble                     <0.12%                 <0.14%
                   K+Na                     <1.5%                 <1.5%
                     PH                     5.0-6.5                  5.0-6.5
                 Sulphate                    <1.0%                  <1.0%

2.environmental Snow Melting Agent, White Flake Magnesium Chloride Application:

1. Additive for marine aquariums, aquaculture, shrimp pond, etc.

2. Used as a deicer and prevents the formation of ice on surfaces.

3. Used in the manufacture of textiles, fireproofing agents, cements and refrigeration brine.

4. Used for dust control.

    With outer polypropylene woven bag, lined with plastic film; Net weight: 25kg/bag and

4.The Certificate of our company:

5.Our Factory:
   At Bochaung, we create chemistry for a sustainable future. We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. 
6.Why choose us?
1. Consistent, high-quality products
  Thanks to our quality management system, You will experience a consistent, high-quality Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate each time you use one of our products. Our products help your plants run smoother - with fewer interruptions, less scrap and fewer process adjustments.
2. Commitment to you, your industry and quality
  Our products are designed for high performance. Our commitment is proven by rich experience as a Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate supplier, by product innovations and capacity expansions to support your business.
3. Strong technical support
  Our knowledgeable sales team and extensive technical support network are ready to serve you - from product trial to commercialization and beyond to optimization.
4. Competitive & reliable price                  
  When you work with Bochuang you can be confident you're getting superior service, but you can also be sure you're getting a competitive & reliable price If you're not happy with your service we're determined to make it right.

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