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Development Prospect Of Snowmelt Agent

Snowmelt agent is divided into chlorine salts of inorganic snowmelt agent and non-chlorine organic melting agent two kinds of snow.

Chlorine salt snowmelt agent includes sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and so on. Low price, wide range of use, but its environmental damage is more serious, causing damage to road bridges, shorten the life of roads and bridges.

Non-chlorine salts of organic snowmelt agent mainly composed of sodium acetate, magnesium acetate, calcium acetate, etc., the international commonly known as CMA. The melting snow agent snowmelt, deicing effect, on the surrounding plant growth is conducive to the road, bridge without harm to the environment is basically harmless, but the price is too high, generally used in airports and other important places.

The above two kinds of snow melting agent in the use of all have congenital deficiencies, but when the snowstorm causes the traffic difficulty, especially endangers the personal safety, handles improperly or not promptly, may affect the city, the national economic development, even causes the partial traffic paralysis and the big area accident, the artificial snow and the machinery except the snow not enough to respond, Had to use snowmelt agent for snow removal.

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