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Animal Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate (99-100.5% purity)

Animal Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate (99-100.5% purity) Basic Info

Animal Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate (99-100.5% purity) Product Description

Product Description

1.Product Name:Sodium Bicarbonate (Feed Grade)
2.Molecular formula: NaHCO3
3.Cas No.: 144-55-8
4.HS CODE:28363000
5.Appearance: White powder 
6. Odor: Odorless 
7. Melting Point: 270° C 
8. Decomposition Temperature: >50° C 
9. Solubility: 9g/ 100ml in water (@ 20° C) 

Animal Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate (99-100.5% purity) Specifications:

AppearanceWhite powderWhite powder
Total Alkalinity (As NaHCO3)99.0~100.5%99.67%
Heavy Metal (as Pb) content≤0.0005%<0.0005%
PH(10g/L liquor)≤8.58.26
Loss on Drying≤0.2%0.0681%
Ammonium Salt ContentConformConform
Clarity DegreeConformConform
Conclusion:The product above compliance with enterprise standard.


1)Store in a cool,dry and well -ventilated area, away from incompatible substances and in a tightly closed container
2)Wash thoroughly after handing, mimimize dust generation and acccumulation, Avoid breathing dust,vapor, mist or gas, Avoid breathing vapors from heated material, Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

Animal Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate (99-100.5% purity) Packing:

in 25kgs/50kgs/1000kgs PP woven bag lining PE film bag

Other Applications

By heating

Heat causes sodium bicarbonate to act as a raising agent by releasing carbon dioxide when used in baking. The carbon dioxide production starts at temperatures above 80 °C.

2NaHCO3 → Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2

Since the reaction occurs slowly at room temperature, mixtures (cake batter, etc.) can be allowed to stand without rising until they are heated in the oven.

Pest control

Used to kill cockroaches. Once consumed, it causes internal organs of cockroaches to burst due to gas collection.

Paint and corrosion removal

Sodium bicarbonate is used in a process for removing paint and corrosion called sodablasting; the process is particularly suitable for cleaning aluminium panels which can be distorted by other types of abrasive.

pH balancer

It can be administered to pools, spas, and garden ponds to raise pH levels.


Sodium bicarbonate is one of the main components of the common incendiary "black snake" firework. The effect is caused by the thermal decomposition, which produces carbon dioxide gas to produce a long snake-like ash as a combustion product of the other main component, sucrose.

Mild disinfectant

It has weak disinfectant properties, and it may be an effective fungicide against some organisms. Because baking soda will absorb musty smells, it has become a reliable method for used-book sellers when making books less malodorous.

Fire extinguisher

Sodium bicarbonate can be used to extinguish small grease or electrical fires by being thrown over the fire, as heating of sodium bicarbonate releases carbon dioxide. However, it should not be applied to fires in deep fryers; the sudden release of gas may cause the grease to splatter. Sodium bicarbonate is used in BC dry chemical fire extinguishers as an alternative to the more corrosive ammonium phosphate in ABC extinguishers. The alkaline nature of sodium bicarbonate makes it the only dry chemical agent, besides Purple-K, that was used in large-scale fire suppression systems installed in commercial kitchens. Because it can act as an alkali, the agent has a mild saponification effect on hot grease, which forms a smothering, soapy foam.

Neutralisation of acids and bases

Sodium bicarbonate is amphoteric, reacting with acids and bases. It reacts violently with acids, releasing CO2 gas as a reaction product. However, sodium bicarbonate is not recommended for the clean-up of acid spills. The heat produced increases the reactivity of the acid, and the large amount of carbon dioxide produced may increase the area of the spill.

A wide variety of applications follows from its neutralisation properties, including reducing the spread of white phosphorus from incendiary bullets inside an afflicted soldier's wounds.

Animal Feed Grade Sodium Bicarbonate (99-100.5% purity) Personal hygiene

Toothpaste containing sodium bicarbonate has in several studies been shown to have a better whitening and plaque removal effect than toothpastes without it.

Sodium bicarbonate is also used as an ingredient in some mouthwashes. It has anticaries and abrasive properties. It works as a mechanical cleanser on the teeth and gums, neutralises the production of acid in the mouth, and also acts as an antiseptic to help prevent infections.

Sodium bicarbonate in combination with other ingredients can be used to make a dry or wet deodorant.

Sodium bicarbonate may be used as a buffering agent, combined with table salt, when creating a solution for nasal irrigation.

It is used in eye hygiene to treat blepharitis. This is done by addition of a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate to cool water that was recently boiled, followed by gentle scrubbing of the eyelash base with a cotton swab dipped in the solution

As a biopesticide

Sodium bicarbonate can be an effective way of controlling fungal growth, and in the United States is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency as abiopesticide.

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