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The role of snowmelt agent

Magnesium chloride salt snowmelt agent dissolved in water (snow), the solution of the freezing point drop, are below 0 degrees, such as sodium chloride dissolved in water after the freezing point in-10 ℃, calcium chloride in-20 ℃ around, acetate can reach-30 ℃ around, salt dissolved so that salt water in the solidification points, so dissolved in the water after the salt is difficult to form ice, The reason is that melting snow agent dissolved in water, the concentration of ions in the water increased, so that the water vapor pressure drops, but the solid vapor pressure of ice unchanged.

In order to achieve equilibrium coexistence of the ice water mixture, the vapor pressure of the solid liquid phase is equal. Ice melts, so sprinkle on snowmelt agent can be in addition to snow and ice, airtight operation, comprehensive ventilation, prevent dust release to the workshop air, operators must undergo special training, strict observance of operating procedures, recommended that operators wear self-suction filter dust masks, Wear chemical safety goggles, wear rubber acid-proof clothing, wear chemical gloves, magnesium chloride to avoid dust, avoid contact with oxidants, equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment, emptying the container may be residual harmful substances.

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